Clothing Maharashtra

  • Baby rompers

    Baby rompers

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 999.00 Rs.

    Baby rompers are one of the most basic clothing in a babies garment and probably the most convenient as you don't have to worry about matching tops and bottoms or clothes coming untucked and most important of all they're comfortable. Satva manufactur...

  • Cotton Jackets for Womens

    Cotton Jackets for Womens

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 3499.00 Rs.

    Sweaters are one of the most versatile garments in a woman's closet due to its make. Satva manufactures sweaters and cotton jackets for womens that can be worn with anything with formal, casual or even athletic wear. All kinds of jackets are availabl...

  • Gym bra

    Gym bra

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 1699.00 Rs.

    Sweat wicking, quick drying, airy, breathable gym bras that offers the right amount of support and made from sustainable materials. These gym bras made by Satva are eco-friendly and the best you have even for regular wear.

  • Gym leggings

    Gym leggings

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 1999.00 Rs.

    Gym leggings are one of the most important pieces of garments for a workout because it compresses the legs preventing it from rubbing, soaks sweat, is a good coverup and helps in making movements easier than you can achieve through normal pants or je...

  • Womens sports tops

    Womens sports tops

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 1799.00 Rs.

    Women's sports tops that is made from the highest quality fabric and doesn't hinder your performance will keep you going while working out. Sports tops of the latest fashion and style that will make you feel motivated and stylish. https://in.satvaliv...

  • Gym wear for women

    Gym wear for women

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 1139.00 Rs.

    Gym clothes for women made by Satva and are as good as mainstream gym clothes. These are made from high quality cotton and recycled polyester. Clothes that are aimed at removing negative impact on the planet.

  • Sports clothing

    Sports clothing

    Clothing Mumbai (Maharashtra) January 8, 2018 1139.00 Rs.

    From outdoor running to yoga practice to gym, sports wear is no longer the like what it used to be. Clothing with functionality and durability and that offer comfort. There's nothing wrong at being stylish either so Satva brings stylish sports clothi...